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Transitional shades combine the style of a roller shade with the functionality of a horizontal blind, to provide an ingenious solution to your privacy and light control needs. The dual fabric layers and alternating sheer/opaque bands allow transitional shades to offer an innovative, contemporary way to control light.

The perfect combination of style and substance, transitional shades transform any home or office.

Features of Our Transitional Shades

Privacy and Light Control

Versatility in light control.

From a privacy standpoint, a transitional shade is the same as a roller shade. There are light filtering and room darkening patterns that can be rolled to the fully open (window pane completely exposed) or fully closed position (window pane completely covered). A room darkening shade in the fully closed position will provide the highest degree of privacy.

From a light control standpoint, a transitional shade is comparable to a horizontal blind. This is due to the dual layers of fabric and the alternating sheer and opaque bands. A transitional shade features a front layer of fabric with alternating sheer and opaque bands and a layer of fabric that sits less than 1/8" behind the front layer of fabric. The result, from a light control perspective, is that the fabric bands can be aligned to be closed, partially closed, or open. This essentially mimics the ability to tilt horizontal blind slats to varying degrees of openness.


Perfect for any interior window.

Interior windows

French doors


Available in a wide range of patterns.

Fabric Band Height: The alternating opaque fabric bands and sheer bands make choosing a pattern fun and exciting. Choose from fabric bands ranging in height – from approximately 3” to nearly 5 ½” tall.

Opacity: Available in a variety of light filtering and room darkening patterns.

Motorization: Motorized transitional shades offer the most contemporary window treatment available. Combining the comfort and convenience of motorized window coverings with the stylish, chic transitional shade fabrics is sure to transform any home or office.

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